Kiwanians take pride in their support of the Chattanooga community and helping children both locally and internationally.  Each year the Chattanooga Kiwanis Youth Foundation receives grant and project applications from many community groups. Each application is reviewed by the Boys and Girls Work Committee who makes a recommendation on which projects the Chattanooga Kiwanis Youth Foundation/Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga will fund and participate in.

Each week, the Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga makes a donation in honor of the week's speaker to Kiwanis International's Eliminate Project. Kiwanis International has pledged to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.  This global campaign will save and protect the lives of millions of mothers and their future babies. The disease is typically contracted through unhygienic childbirth practices. The goal of the project is to eliminate this swift, painful and highly preventable disease by vaccinating women of childbearing age, which will not only protect the mothers, but also their future babies.

The Eliminate Project will do more than protect women and babies from tetanus; it also will help create a path for other services, such as clean water, nutrition and other vaccines, to reach the world’s most vulnerable people who are not served because they are poor, remote and, in some cases, invisible to the world.  For more information about The Eliminate Project, please visit  Since 2010, our Club has donated $2,750 to this project.

Yearly, the Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga seeks applications from local nonprofits for grants.  Some of our recent recipients include:
Chattanooga Reconciliation, Inc. (VORP): $3,000 for general support
Partnership for Families, Children & Adults: $2,160 for their Youth Services Program
Chattanooga Room in the Inn: $2,160 for their Children's Enrichment Program
Northside Neighborhood House: $3,600 for The Afternoon Hub (Community School) at Red Bank High
Chattanooga's Kids on the Block: $1,800 for their Positive Mental Health program
Signal Centers: $2,880 for safety projects within their Children's Services Program

Kiwanis Club of Chattanooga and the Boys & Girls Work Committee are committed to serving the children of our community through partnerships with community agencies and service providers.  The goals of this committee are: 1) to identify and help meet financial needs in our community consistent with the objectives of the Chattanooga Kiwanis Youth Foundation, and 2) to ensure that available funds be reasonably allocated among programs qualified by the Boys & Girls Work Committee.  Please send us an e-mail, and we will notify you when grant applications are available.  

In addition to monetary support, during the 2010-2011 year, our Club donated a children's book each week as an honorarium to that week's speaker.  Calvin Donaldson Elementary School was the recipient of those books along with a check for $250 to purchase additional books.

We have also helped local Eagle Scouts with their projects, including the building of a new playground at Orange Grove and revitalizing the ball field at Signal Centers. 

Our club is always pleased to volunteer our time and provide the funds necessary to make an impact in our community.