Meeting Schedule

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Potential members and visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings.  Please contact us in advance to let us know you are attending so we can ensure that you have a seat.  

Date Type Title
06/27/2017 Meeting

Ms. Oliva-Calderin will speak to the club about U.S. immigration issues and policy in 2017.

07/04/2017 Meeting
07/11/2017 Meeting

Rob will speak to the Club regarding The Future of Banking

07/18/2017 Meeting

Darde Long will speak to the Club about what new is happening at our local zoo!

07/25/2017 Meeting
08/01/2017 Meeting
08/08/2017 Meeting
08/15/2017 Meeting
08/24/2017 Meeting

Joint meeting with Rotary to kickoff the annual Untied Way Campaign.

08/29/2017 Meeting
09/05/2017 Meeting
09/12/2017 Meeting
09/19/2017 Meeting
09/26/2017 Meeting
10/03/2017 Meeting