In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Boys and Girls Work: Recommends allocation of funds for financial support to nonprofit organizations benefiting children and the Chattanooga community. 2015-2016 Chair: Larry Stone 

Service Leadership Program - Circle K: Encourages members to support to the Circle K Club at UTC by attending their meetings and service projects.  Provides support through financial sponsorship, training for advisors and club leaders, and guidance in event and meeting planning.  Identifies area colleges and universities for new Circle K clubs.  2015-2016 Chair: Sande Lambert

Service Leadership Program - Key Club: Encourages members to support to the Key Club at Girls Preparatory School  and at Howard High School by attending their meetings and service projects.  Provides support through financial sponsorship, training for advisors and club leaders, and guidance in event and meeting planning.  Identifies area high schools and other organizations for new Key Clubs.  2015-2016 Chair: Sande Lambert

Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Mentoring: Recruits and encourages members to become mentors at CGLA.  2015-2016 Chair: Brian Hunt

Agricultural & Conservation: Identifies opportunities to promote sound agricultural and conservation practices.  Encourages members to support Tree Day, an annual event where club members distribute tree seedlings to the public with the support of the Hamilton County Soil Conservation District. 2015-2016 Chair: Matt Williams

Kiwanis Kommandos: Identifies community service projects for our club members to support.  2015-2016 Chair: Bobby Dann

Distinguished Service Award: In 1922, the Chattanooga Kiwanis Club established to Distinguished Service Award to recognize members of the Chattanooga community who have rendered unselfish, constructive, and distinguished service to our community.  2015-2016 Chair: Marshall Harvey

Educational Assistance: Oversees the administration of the Educational Assistance Program which provides loans/grants to eligible college students.  2015-2016 Chair: Gene Rice

Duck Race: Oversees the annual Great Kiwanis Duck Race where we drop 5,500 rubber ducks from the Walnut Street into the Tennessee River and they race to the North Shore.  2015-2016 Chairs: Doug Hightshue and Keith Rocha

Membership Growth: Encourages the recruitment of and identifies new members.  2015-2016 Chair: Barry Pearcy

Membership Orientation & Education: Helps new members to understand the Objects of Kiwanis International and the expectations of their involvement with our club.  2015-2016 Chairs: Tom Moseley and Kitty Griffith

Fellowship: Identifies and encourages member support and participation in fellowship activities (i.e. dinner parties at member's homes, tailgating at UTC Football, golf outings, etc.).  2015-2016 Chair: Adrian Hackett

Playground Projects: Identifies community playgrounds in need of renovations or updating, and coordinates the project.  2015-2016 Chairs: Bobby Dann, Michele Chandler, and Justin Porter. 

Program: Arranges an appropriate program for our weekly meetings.  2015-2016 Chairs: Erskine Oglesby and Tom Hayslett

​Human & Spiritual Values: Arranges for the invocation, patriotic song, and the Pledge of Allegiance at our weekly meetings.  Works with Program Committee to provide speakers and programs for the religious holidays.  2015-2016 Chair: Bo Walker

Interclub: Leads the participation of members in visits to other Kiwanis Clubs.  Encourages our members to participate in other club's community service projects and fundraisers.  Encourages members to attend District and International Conventions. 2015-2106 Chairs: Tom Moseley and David Barrett

Public Relations: Develops and maintains media contacts, issues news releases, and promote the club through social media. 2015-2016 Chair: Jules Kinder